The National Fraternity of Phi Gamma Nu
chapter evaluation process and criteria

Phi Gamma Nu – Chapter Standing

At the end of each semester The National Council of Phi Gamma Nu checks each chapter’s overall record in order to determine if chapter is in Good Standing and is making satisfactory progress. The purpose of this review is to ensure the continuing health of The National Fraternity and its chapters, and to provide support to chapters facing challenges. These steps outline the course The National Council will take to counsel the chapter and/or apply any academic sanctions that are warranted (e.g., probation, emergency status, suspension).

Good Standing

Chapters are considered in Good Standing at the end of the semester if, in that semester, they have meet the following criteria:

- Attend or send a representative to all Chapter President Conference Calls (No more than one missed call (there are 2 – 3 calls in each semester)

- Submit forms  / pledge rosters on time. More than two overdue forms (or half of total forms) are considered a violation.

- Submit dues on time. Dues are considered overdue after one week

- Conduct rush and accept pledges

- Keep chapter’s executive board contact information up to date with National’s

- Abide by The National Fraternity’s By-Laws, policies and otherwise conduct oneself in an ethical and legal manner. Violation of this criteria will result in a vote for suspension

- Attend the National Convention (strongly recommended)

- Tier 3 schools, those with <30 members can be additionally required to have additional check-ins or training sessions such as, but not limited to: Monthly check-ins with the National Council or appointed mentor and rush working sessions

Good standing chapters are eligible to receive awards and/or financial assistance from The National Council of Phi Gamma Nu.

Performance Management Program

Chapters who fail to meet the Good Standing criteria will be placed on our performance management program for a probationary period. Chapter presidents with chapters on performance management programs are required to meet with a National Council member or other representative to discuss the issues at hand at an agreed upon cadence over the course of the semester. A performance plan will be developed to assist the chapter with its specific needs and challenges.

Chapters on a performance management program must also meet the following criteria:

- Attend or send a representative to all Chapter President Conference Calls

- Submit forms on time

- Submit dues on time

- Schedule a rush working session with the National Council

- Conduct rush and accept a minimum number of pledges (number to be determined on an individual basis)

Emergency Status

Chapters who fail to meet the requirements of their performance management program for two consecutive semesters will be placed on an emergency assistance plan. The emergency assistance plan provides chapters with an intensive program to re-boot their chapter over a semester. This plan may include, but is not limited to the following requirements:

  • Recruit 15 new members (need to be freshmen or sophomores)
  • This can be a modified recruitment process.
  • Goal is to ensure there are enough members for a chapter next year
  • National Council may request to interview members to ensure quality control
  • Report chapter meeting attendance every week
  • Set up touch base calls with a council member or designated mentor through end of semester
  • Create a clear recruitment plan for the following semester
  • Recruit a faculty advisor if one does not currently exist
  • Send someone to the National convention

If all the above steps are met, the National council agrees to send a member of the National Council or other representative out to the college or university to assist with restarting the chapter. This will include, but is not limited to, meeting with the chapter, discussing roles and responsibilities with the local officers, developing a rush strategy/plan, and meeting with the faculty advisor.


Chapters are placed on suspension after failing to meet the requirements of their emergency assistance plan. Chapters can also be placed on suspension for serious violations of Phi Gamma Nu’s National Fraternity by-laws, policies, or for partaking in other unethical or illegal activities. National Council must vote to place a chapter on suspension. A two-thirds vote is required to suspend a chapter.

Suspension Appeals

Chapters have a right to petition their suspension status. An appeal may be submitted up to six months after the suspension to the National Council. The appeal will be presented to a committee that includes both the National Council and the Chapter Presidents. A two-thirds vote is required to overturn the suspension. Appeals should include a written recommendation from a Faculty Advisor or Dean of the College of Business.

Appeals may be sent to: The Phi Gamma Nu National Council at