The National Council is made up of driven PGN alumni who are committed to working hand-in-hand with our members to create stronger business leaders, who will create better businesses AND also improve our communities.
This Sunday, February 17 we will host our annual elections for our core strategic team, the National Council.
Elections will take place 10 AM - 12 PM PT via video conference or in-person in Austin, Texas.
Application Process
Submit your application by February 4
Speak with a member of our council about your role / interest before February 11.
You will be assigned a time slot and provided a video conference number by February 11.
February 11 is the last drop date.
Video conference in or attend the National Convention elections from 10 AM - 12 PM PT.

Click the buttons below for detailed job descriptions.
Responsible for defining the strategic direction of the National organization, developing its long-term growth strategy and managing its implementation via motivating the National leadership.
Responsible for providing fiscal transparency and accountability and anticipating future business needs through forecasting and analytics of chapter data.
Is responsible for building PGN's national footprint by identifying and developing new leads at quality schools across the country.
Responsible for the continued development of existing chapters and members, encouraging cross-chapter engagement, and maintaining National tools and processes.
This position is held by a current PGN student who is also an executive board member. This student is responsible for elevating the voice of the student membership to the National Council. They raise awareness around chapter needs, share best practices and act as a resource for Chapter Presidents.